Monday, July 26, 2010

It’s All About the Timing for Art Pottery

It’s All About the Timing for Art Pottery

Vase The economy affects not only our vacation plans and whether or not we put off the purchase of a new car for another year, but it also affects the art sector and specifically, American art pottery.  In fact, sectors of the art pottery market that were declining in value for the past few years are now beginning an upward climb – and this makes it a perfect time for investors and collectors alike. 
According to Antique Trader, a four inch Grueby vase dated 1905 recently sold for $4,000 at auction.  This is remarkable considering it was estimated to sell for less than $1,000.  Arnie Small, American Art Pottery Association’s president, says the time is right for those considering beginning a new collection of art pottery, “one that can be added to and upgraded in time”.  He goes on to say that art pottery has not only maintained its value, but has actually increased in value.  This, of course, is great news for those of us whose passion is American art pottery.
So what does this mean for the traditional investment buyer?  A year ago, many investors and collectors of  art pottery were purchasing in a more conservative manner.  They were often foregoing the $6,000 vases for those pieces that were priced at the lower end of their range.  Now, though, attention is being paid – as well as the money – for the higher end pieces.
Greg Myroth, owner of, agrees that the time is right to enter the art pottery market at any price point, partly because it’s such a broad market.  As our customers know, Just Art Pottery offers everything from small Roseville vases to investment quality and rare Rookwood and Newcomb College pottery pieces.  This, says Myroth, is part of the attraction for those who appreciate this sector of art.  And, as he points out, we all purchase our pottery not because of its Ewer monetary value, but because we like it and in fact, have a definitive area in our homes picked out  the moment we see that ‘can’t live without it’ vase. 
Now that the economy’s showing signs of finally improving, all eyes are once again on the incredible art pottery market and the beauty and history it provides collectors.  “And that”, says Myroth, “is what it’s all about”.

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