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Roseville Pottery Facts

Roseville I’m always amazed at how many incredible facts and stories are a part of the Roseville Pottery legacy.  These important bits of information come together to define one of the most revered American pottery companies.  I’m sure even the most knowledgeable experts still discover interesting and little known particulars of information from time to time.  After doing research this week, I was able to find several interesting details, most of these coming from a renowned Roseville Pottery expert, Mark Bassett.  Some you may already know, but hopefully, you’ll discover a few facts you weren’t already aware of.
Did You Know…
·         The factory’s failure in the mid-1950s was due to the Raymor collection?  This is interesting considering it’s a favorite among contemporary collectors.  The primary colors found in this collection are avocado (a primary color for anything in the 1950s…remember your Mom or Grandmother’s avocado kitchen appliances?), dark brown and white.  You’ll find desk accessories, vases and other shapes in this Roseville collection.
·         Some avid Roseville Pottery collectors have searched for thirty-plus years for a single piece to complete a collection?  This is testament to the passion many have for this American art pottery company.
·         At one point in the early 1900s, Roseville Pottery found itself in competition with Weller Pottery for the talents of two brothers, Frederick and Harry Rhead?
·         Before undertaking the inception of Roseville Art Pottery in 1892, George F. Young worked as a school teacher, a Singer sewing machine salesman and stoneware salesman?  Six years after opening, the company was relocated to what was once a stoneware plant in Zanesville, Ohio.
·         In 1947, the pottery maker introduced a new alpha-numeric system for its identification  method? The system was a failure and the company reversed to its previous methods.
It’s those little pieces of information that come together and define a company.  Whether you’re a long-time collector or have recently discovered Roseville Pottery, odds are, there will likely always be some little known fact you that pops up and catches you by surprise. 

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