Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Coil Construction

In this section you will learn to make coils and how to make pottery pieces with them. Coil pottery is a simple technique that can have great results.

 (Roll out coil)
  Squeezing the clay into a coil or rolling between your hands are two ways to make coils.  This technique can be difficult to make a smooth round coil because of the uneven pressure from your hands and fingers.

(Roll out coil)
  When hand rolling coils, use a smooth surface and spreading your hands to apply even pressure.  Gently roll the clay back and forth.

(A good thickness)
  Roll the coils so that they are a little thicker than a pencil.  Then stack the coils one on top of another.

(Scrape inside)
   For strength, force the clay together on the inside of the piece.  Use you finger and scrape the top coil onto the coil under it.

(Smooth inside)
  When smoothing the inside of the piece hold you other hand on the outside so you do not damage what you have completed already.

(Leveling the top)
  If you want the top level, gently turn your piece over and lightly tap it on a smooth surface.

(Dry slowly)
  When you are finished with your piece let it dry slowly.  The grooves in the piece are weak spots and if this dries too quick it will crack. 

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