Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to collect Red Wing Art Pottery

Red Wing produced Art Pottery for the masses using molds and made it available at affordable prices. The company eventually manufactured over 1,929 unique shapes of Art Pottery that were identified by shape number, always located on the bottom, though some of those numbers were used twice. However, this number does not include lamp bases, kitchenware, and specialty items that also fall under the heading of "Art Pottery".

Appreciate the reasons why people collect Red Wing Art Pottery - to display, to use the many vases, candle holders, or ash trays, as a long-term financial investment, and as a means of passing on the history of Red Wing and its numerous pottery types to future generations.
Instructions :

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    1. Educate yourself on Red Wing Art Pottery. Good books on the subject are "Red Wing Art Pottery" and "Red Wing Art Pottery Two" both written and photographed by Ray Reiss. These extensive works provide glorious color photographs and reprints of Red Wing catalogues selling art pottery.

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    Narrow down which pieces of art pottery to collect and how you'll organize your collection(s). Because there were literally thousands of pieces of art pottery produced, the pottery presents collectors with a unique opportunity. For example, you can develop a collection by type (Red Wing Prismatique Line Vases); by color (a group of art pottery in a specific color such as Matt Turquoise with Eggshell Ivory on the inside); size (Red Wing swans); shape numbers, etc.

  • 3. Establish a budget. Collecting Red Wing Art Pottery is not nearly as expensive as salt glaze pottery or stoneware, but you still need to develop a budget. As with other pottery collections, monitor the art pottery market and become familiar with current economic conditions and prices. Now is a great time to buy art pottery, not so much if you're looking to sell a collection.

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    Specialty pieces manufactured for Hamms Brewery executives.

    Specialty pieces manufactured for Hamms Brewery executives.
    4. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of as much Red Wing Art Pottery as possible. A good place to start is by knowing the difference between brushed ware and glazed Red Wing Art Pottery.

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     Search for Red Wing Art Pottery at estate and farm auctions and the Red Wing Pottery auctions that take place during the annual convention in Red Wing, MN each July. Auctions on eBay also offer Red Wing Art Pottery on a regular basis.

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    Examples of Red Wing Brushed Ware Art Pottery.

    Examples of Red Wing Brushed Ware Art Pottery.
     Look for Red Wing Art Pottery from your past. Art Pottery is probably the most common type of Red Wing available and collectors are still finding pieces stored in attics, barns, and basements. Those connections are definitely worth investigating.

  • 7. Enjoy yourself!

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