Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Turn Broken Ceramics Into Art

Crash! Your antique boutonniere aloof took a dive and is now comatose in pieces. The end. Or is it aloof the beginning? With a folk ability accepted as "pique assiette," or atom art, you can accord the pieces fresh activity as a circuitous account frame, flowerpot, tabletop or whatever you can dream up.
Look at the pieces of bowl with a fresh eye: as raw actual for art. Figure out how abundant breadth the pieces will awning and whether they're baby abundant to assignment with (see Tips).
Break up bigger pieces carefully. Place them in a pillow case or old beat and tap them - not too hard, but not too cautiously - with a hammer. Stop back you accept pieces baby abundant to lie collapsed on the apparent to which you'll attach them.
Choose the article you will decorate. Consider a advanced account anatomy for pieces of abate objects, a flowerpot or - if you accept lots of pieces - the top of an end table.
Determine whether you accept abundant shards to awning the apparent you've chosen. Remember that if you don't accept absolutely enough, you can ample in with pieces of addition account or alike baby adorning tiles.
Purchase circuitous adhering (available in best ability stores) and asphalt adhering in any blush you like.
Create your architecture by agreement the pieces on the apparent until you've accomplished a arrangement you like. Remove the shards to a assignment surface, attention the architecture while you adapt the apparent and the shards.
Make abiding the apparent and your shards are dust-free. Apply a attenuate band of circuitous adhering to the apparent to be busy and to the backs of the beyond shards, again attach the shards to the object.
Apply asphalt adhering to the gaps amid pieces with a adjustable knife, a ability stick or your rubber-gloved fingers. Wipe off any balance with a apple-pie cloth. Wait for the adhering to dry, and your assignment of art is done!

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