Friday, September 10, 2010

Katrich Pottery Studio

Paul J. Katrich is shown throwing pottery on a wheel. Some of his unique luster pottery are also seen. This is a silent video. Background: After several years in museum archival and conservation services, working for such clients as the Henry Ford Museum and Cranbrook, he launched Katrich Studios in 1995. Since then he has focused his attention on the invention and development of an unique line of luster glazes. His study of glazes associated with American Art Pottery, and his application of special glazes to his own pottery, has created a demand not only for his art pottery, but for Paul J. Katrich as a speaker as well. "Paul Katrich ... has been busily rediscovering the secrets of lustre, lava, and volcanic glazes yet again, and using them to spin his own ceramic fantasies." - Style: 1900 Magazine, November, 2007. "He uses glazes on his pots to take us on a journey deep into the earth's core, over its verdant surfaces and into distant galaxies. ""I want to explore colors in nature and the natural world is riotous with color, organic and inorganic," says Katrich, who taught himself to throw, glaze and fire, and now lectures widely. "I recognize no limits in this regard."" - Art & Antiques: Collectors Sourcebook, January, 2008 (also publish Robb Report). "Today, his forms are classical with brilliant colors in deep, thick numerous and interactive glazes, ... none are duplicated." - PBS Antiques Roadshow Insider, July, 2006. "Paul J. Katrich's shiny glazed vessels were a hot item [at the 2010 New York Ceramics Fair]. Katrich sold out a dozen within the first hour of the fair and stuck a handwritten sign in his glass vitrine reading "Sold Out! We Love New York." -, January, 2010 (search for "Paul J. Katrich").

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